Andrew’s professional interests are in creating a culture of TRUST, COLLABORATION and ENQUIRY to make your professional relationships work; and creating an optimistic vision based on common values of the group.


He has a passion for the inclusion of children with diverse learning needs in all classrooms and also has presented many workshops around strengthening the partnership between home and primary school.


Andrew is also an experienced MC for both social and professional occasions. He is a mediator and negotiator, having worked with parents who are going through relationship struggles.

After working with Andrew your outcome should be that: Positive, effective teams.

Andrew is an experienced educator with over 17 years as a primary school principal. He has worked in the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane for over 30 years, has a Masters in Educational Studies (Special Ed) and recently completed a Graduate Certificate in NEGOTIATION.

If you need someone to ...

  • mediate difficult relationships between parents or staff ..
  • present a workshop to parents and teachers around strengthening their communication with children…
  • facilitate staff conversations around communication, vision, leadership.
  • explore how you can create a culture of



Key concepts:


host your function as Master of Ceremonies …


Masters of Educational Studies (Special Education major)

Graduate Certificate in Negotiation

Certificate in Mediation

Executive Coach

If you need someone to ...

School Leaders / Corporate Executives / Business Owners


  • Active Listening
  • Written record of coaching sessions
  • SMART Goals responsive to COACHEE needs
  • Honest feedback


Andrew ensured I received a great coaching experience. He was knowledgeable, experienced and a great listener. I am working hard on my goals which he helped me to set and am trying some new ways of working . I would highly recommend Andrew as a coach.

Andrew was excellent at summarising and challenging my thinking to encourage clarity. When necessary, Andrew provided theoretical based readings or structures to deepen understanding and encourage growth. I would recommend Andrew to all of my colleagues.

This was the shortest but also the best and most productive mentoring program I have been involved in. The focus of our sessions was limited by the number of session we were able to have however, it also meant there was clear agenda because of the time constraint. It was a very worthwhile use of my time. Thank you, Andrew.

​It was great to get an outside perspective and someone to help clarify real issues and help to plan next steps


Audience / Relationships

School Staff


  • Staff Charter
  • Staff Goals
  • School Strategic Plans
  • School Maintenance Plans
  • Internal School Review
  • External School Reviews using NSIT
  • Educational Briefs for school designs, renovations and new projects
  • Induction process for new principals



  • Prep Readiness Program
  • Presentation on Strengthening Home / School Partnerships


“Whether it be with large groups or small meetings, Andrew listens whole-heartedly to everyone involved. He draws on his knowledge and experiences to relate to others in a genuine manner, making people feel comfortable in his presence.

Andrew has a warm, empathetic, respectful regard for people. His spirituality and beliefs shine through when giving guidance to people.

Andrew handles delicate and ‘tough’ situations with great professionalism and is able to mediate and give feedback in an honest, fair and just manner.

If conversations meander off track, Andrew can redirect and stimulate thoughts by offering positive and productive leading questions to help regain discussion focus……….”KB


Audience / Relationships

Couple in need of mediated agreement


  • Parenting agreement
  • Children’s educational plans
  • Custody arrangements

Staff in Dispute


  • Agreed Team Charter
  • Mediation and Negotiation


“I have been fortunate to experience Andrew Oberthur as an empathetic and knowledgeable facilitator, as he encouraged an open-minded discussion between opposing parties. For an emotional exercise, Andrew emanated a sense of calm and control, creating a swift and pleasing outcome for both parties. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Andrew Oberthur to any persons seeking a third party assistance via mediation.” JD

“an exemplary public speaker, mediator and counsellor in a variety of often challenging circumstances.

Andrew’s calm and caring professional approach never wavers even in highly charged and emotional circumstances.

Andrew’s skills as a mediator are amongst the best in the field.” CB

Speaker/ MC

Functions / Events


  • Community Consultations
  • Functions
  • Trivia Nights
  • Fetes


  • Entertaining professional engagement


Andrew is a skilled public speaker and facilitator who manages to capture and maintain the attention and interest of an audience with ease and humour.” CB

“Andrew has been the Master of Ceremonies at Sts Peter and Paul Community Christmas Carols for the past 9 years. Andrew is a charismatic and professional speaker who keeps the evening flowing and interest of the audience throughout the event.

Andrew is able to engage with both adults and children alike. He is quick thinking and able to respond to all situations that arise at the event. He has ensured that the Christmas Carols are run in an organised and timely manner.

I highly recommend Andrew as a Master of Ceremonies”. LMc

Andrew was the perfect Trivia Night Host once again. He had the right mix of humour and timing to ensure that the evening ran smoothly. His enthusiasm ensured that the crowd remained entertained and focused on the competition aspect of the night. We have had some extremely positive feedback from the night which was largely due to Andrew’s skill at keeping things light-hearted and constantly moving. He understood our audience and trivia subject matter and provided a performance that was appropriate and endearing. I would highly recommend Andrew for any other MC job and found him motivated, personable and easy to work with. Andrew is the consummate professional and we hope to engage him for future events.

Lynne Healey, Social Coordinator, Sts Peter & Paul’s Primary School, Bulimba