Andrew has studied under Allan Parker of Peak Performance Development.

Andrew has collaborated with Jill Sweatman, The Brain Whisperer, on LinkedIn posts and webinars (with Allan Parker)

Andrew has also participated in a Master Class by world renowned expert in non-verbal communication: Michael Grinder. Andrew uses his learnings in his presentations.

Andrew has done work with QELi – Qld Education Leadership Institute, providing professional learning for educators.

Andrew has done a series of videos for Parent TV - , working with Sam Jockel in providing information for parents.

Andrew is working with Kiddipedia, Australia’s leading parenting resources website, providing useful parenting tips and all sorts of parenting information.

Andrew’s book has been endorsed by world renowned author of “Raising Boys” and “Raising Girls”, Steve Biddulph.

First Door – Early Childhood Professional Learning – Andrea Isitt

Andrew has numerous BLOGS for Tutors Field

Andrew has done a couple of PODCASTS for PAKMAG

Andrew has done a webinar and BLOGS for Authentic Parent Voice

Andrew has done blogs for Beanstalk Mums – Support and inspiration for single Mums