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Andrew’s professional interests are in creating a culture of TRUST, COLLABORATION and ENQUIRY to make your professional relationships work; and creating an optimistic vision based on common values of the group.

He has a passion for the inclusion of children with diverse learning needs in all classrooms and also has presented many workshops around strengthening the partnership between home and primary school.

Andrew is also an experienced MC for both social and professional occasions. He is a mediator and negotiator, having worked with parents who are going through relationship struggles.

After working with Andrew your outcome should be that: Positive, effective teams.

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My Book

Primary school education should be a partnership between the teachers and the parents of the children in their care. If parents and teachers work together then the children will hopefully become confident contributors to the society in which they will live.

In working together teachers and parents should create a culture of TRUST, COLLABORATION AND ENQUIRY. The respective parties should trust each other to provide environments at home and at school that is conducive to learning. Parents can’t achieve a complete education for their children without the support of the teachers.

Similarly teachers need the support of the children’s parents to ensure a good education. This means collaboration amongst the caring adults. It also means that the parents and teachers can learn from each other (See the lessons at the end of each chapter). Finally when there are questions or conflicts, which happen in any professional relationship, the adults should ask the right questions to seek clarity. This is the third element in building a culture of enquiry.

This book is designed for teachers of all levels of experiences. It has messages for all parents of primary school aged children. It acknowledges that both parenting and teaching are tough gigs, and by working together we will teach and nurture the young children in our care to be confident contributors to their future world.

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